Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Encouraging Creativity - Spencer and Pinterest

I work for a full service marketing and advertising firm located in Brantford, Ontario.  I also have a wonderful son, who within a few weeks will be turning 10.  Ever since Spencer's be able to walk, he's been included in my work endeavors.  He learned social responsibility and acceptance of others while I worked to raise funds for a local charity as the development officer.  He took part in volunteer activities, in fact for the last three years, he's had more fun setting up Easter Egg hunts for other children, than hunting himself.

Since returning to the pure marketing world, Spencer has become ever more interested in video production, web and graphic design.  When we were looking at adding a "Fun Friday" post to our social media efforts, Spence really wanted to pitch in.  

Spencer created the scenario and with a little guidance, decided on the topic for discussion.  As he's only 10 and we weren't sure if we'd be allowed to actually use the materials corporately, Spencer decided to use some of his stuffed animals as his actors (they work real inexpensively).  Unfortunately, for the viewing audience, he drafted me to be the other participant and after much coaxing (okay none really) Joan stepped in to act as our director and videographer.

The topic was the latest social media trend - Pinterest. Spencer had heard of it but really didn't know what it was all about.  He enlisted Pollie Bear as his interviewer and Pierre Panda to be his guest social media presenter.  Pollie's job was to get Pierre to share with the viewers, what the viewers needed to know about Pinterest and why they should get involved.  After seven takes, we had something that Spencer was happy with (besides his curfew was fast approaching for bedtime).  

We won't subject you to that, but instead would like to share a couple from our "blooper" file.  As a father, the best part was playing with the family, as a listener, the best part is Spencer's laugh - one of the world's greatest sounds.

This is blooper number 6 and we've entitled it "Fallen".

Blooper number 2 "Audience" 

Hope you enjoy and thanks for obliging. 


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