Friday, July 27, 2012

Email Marketing What you need to know

Email Marketing - What you need to know.

This is a great info-graphic (What is Email Marketing, created by Arjan De Raaf, posted June 30, 2012) that has been passed around and pinned/re-pinned on Pinterest recently. Email marketing is a common tactic, though often done poorly.  

Used effectively, email marketing will keep your customers and prospect engaged and informed. Like all other forms of engagement, to be effective, it is most important to start you email marketing program with a strategy.  

Because of the transition from outbound (broadcast) to inbound (search) marketing, having an effective email program that utilizes opt-in permissions is a must, especially for small and medium size business.  The concern I hear most is the investment. We just discussed this at our local networking group and really, the investment in time to set up the program, segment your email lists, recognize what gaps exist and put a plan in place to effectively communicate with all the various groups is an investment in time that will constantly reward you down the road. 

The numbers in the info-graphic back up the need; 74% of commercial users, prefer email for their communication needs, 58% of consumers check email first thing in the morning (are these reflective of you, be honest, your the only one looking). According to the Direct Marketing Association (US), the return on investment for email marketing in 2011 was $40.56. This is far superior to most marketing efforts. To achieve these numbers, your email needs to be attractive and relevant. By relevancy, we mean that your email has meaning or value for your audience.  

The key is your plan. Understand who your audience is, what you are trying to achieve with your email program (lead generation, awareness, customer service, new product education, etc) and how do you want to make your email attractive (compel the reader to take action).  With your plan in place, your email audience will know what they are going to get from you and how easy it will be to engage.

Hope this helps. I've included some other resources that you might find of value. 


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